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Eid Mehandi Designs 2014 for Brides

Best Mehndi Designs 2014 for Eid (1)Here funtvweb is present some latest mehandi designs specially for young girls. Mehndi is the most important part of women fashion of Arabic, Indian, Pakistanis and Muslim women. Arabic Mehandi Designs are most famous and popular design of mehndi. New Style has brought Latest Arabic Mehndi Designs 2014 for our readers.

All types of mehndi designs have their cultural and traditional values. Mehndi has also become an occasion of the wedding in Pakistan and India that is usually celebrated the one day before of wedding day. Brides apply different unique styles of mehndi on the hands, arms and feet and wear a special dress for mehndi.


Brides spend a lot of time to select a mehndi design because they want to look different on the most important day of their life. Latest Lifestyles has solved the problems of brides of choosing a unique mehndi style. We have brought a large variety and designs of bridal mehndi designs.

Arabic Mehndi Designs are not only famous in the Arab countries but Pakistani, Indian and women of other countries also like Arabic Mehndi Design so much. Arabic Mehndi Patterns are most elegant, attractive and unique in style comparing. Now see pictures of Eid Mehandi Designs 2014 for Brides women…

Latest Eid Mehandi (Mehndi) Designs Images for Brides

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