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Importance of Muharram Fast (Muharram Kay Rozay Ki Ahmiat)

ASHORA K ROZAY KI AHMIYAT (10 Muharram Ke Rozay Ki Ahmiyat)Youm e Ashura’s Roza has a great importance for Muslims. Here we reveal some Moharram Ke Roza ki Fazilat aur Ahmiat In Urdu. The Youm e Ashura ki Fazeelat Urdu have a much more impact on our life for Islam.

Youm e Muharram Ashura is the tenth day and the fast on that day remember us the Qurbani of our beloved Imam Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA) for the dignity of Islam.

Mostly the Ashura Arabic tenth means. Youm e Ashura is very important in Muharram ul haram. On this day the hand of Hazrat Imam Hussain martyers despotic leader named “Yazid”.

9th 10th Muharram ka Roza, Ahmiyat, Hadith, Ashura ka Roza

Here you are given importance Ashura. Youm E Ashura ki fazilat in Urdu. 9-10 Muharram Kay Rozay Ki Ahmiat. Youme Ashura ki Fazilat in Urdu. 10 Muharram youm e ashura complete detail of importance in urdu.

Hazrat Muhammed (PBUH) Ne farmaya:-

“Youme ashura ka roza rakho aor is main Yahoodioun ki mukhalifat karo, is say pehlay ya bad main bhi aik roza rakho”


Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) na Farmaya:-

“Ye (Youm e ashura ka roza) Pichlay aik Saal kay gunahoon ka Kafara hai”


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