Al-Qaeda commander Omar Farooq killed in North Waziristan by Drone strike

Peshawar(Sunday, December 07, 2014)- al-qaeda key commander Omar Farooq was among four terrorists that were killed and several others injured in a drone strike in North Waziristan, official sources say nowadays.

Sources same the unmanned craft dismissed 2 missiles at a house in Datta Khel, border space of the unmanned agency. As a result, four people were killed and a number of other others wounded. They additional that drones were hovering within the space for many hours.

The main leader of al-qaeda Omer Farooq who was an ally of Ustad Farooq at the side of his four accomplices got killed. Intelligence agencies have confirmed the attack and also the death of Omer Farooq.

The Sunday attack comes every day once once al-qaeda high leader Shukri, the foremost wishedby US, was killed in South Waziristan agency with clash pakistan army.