Boxer amir khan Arrested lashing out two men in Bolton

British media (4th June, 2014): Amir Khan was captured in the early hours of Friday morning for supposedly attacking two young people in Bolton.

The previous title holder professedly assaulted the men as they came back from a close-by mosque. Police said the men were known to Amir Khan however not, one or the other was genuinely harmed.

The 27-year-old, who won Olympic gold in 2004 is claimed to have drawn nearby the men in a Mercedes C Class at around 1.30am after they Khan then reacted by saying: ‘Don’t you know who I am, I am AK,’ as per the witness. One of the asserted exploited people is accepted to have endured a damage to his cheek and the other a harm to his leg.

An alternate witness said: ‘I could hear a ton of clamor and I saw Amir’s auto. At that point I saw him escape the auto. At that point he drove off and there was a man on the floor.’

A representative for Boxer Amir Khan told Sportsmail: ‘It was a minor occurrence. Amir was addressed however the case will be formally dropped on Monday’. A police representative said: ‘Simply before 1.30am on Friday, police were called after reports of an attack in Bolton.

‘Officers went to Russell Street and ran across two 19-year-old men had been attacked. Their damages are not genuine. ‘A 27-year-old man was captured on suspicion of two area 47 attacks and stays in police care for addressing.’