The second deadline to Faizabad Khatme Nabuwat (PBUH) Darna in Islamabad also ends

 ISLAMABAD: (Sunday, November 19, 2017):  The religious capital led by Tehreek-e- Labaik Ya Rasool Allah in the  federal capital continues to stir up, and the second expiry of the protest has ended. Religious workers led by Tehreek-e-Labik-a-Ya Rasool Allah in Islamabad continue to cry. The participants of the meeting ended the constitutional clauses of prohibition against action-makers, the resignation of the law minister Zahid Hamid, the arrested workers and demanding the removal of the cases on the leaders. Four times the talks between the government and the protesters have failed and today it is likely to be discussed again.

Another case was filed against the FC personnel against violence against the leaders today, resulting in the number of registered cases against them. According to police, demonstrators attacked a FC official in IIT area on Saturday.

Meanwhile, the meeting of the Central Assembly Shura of movement, which has been discussed in the talks with the government. Tehreek-e-Taliban spokesman Ejaz Ashrafi said the possibility of eradication of demands from the government, said that the minister will not withdraw an inch from resignation of the law. Ejazashshoro said that the government has yet arrested any of our arrested workers nor returned cases.

In the night of Islamabad, PML (N) chairman Senator Raja Zafarul Haq’s residence was held between the government delegation and the leaders of the leadership, but there was no deal with the government and there was no progress in resolving the problem.

Rangers, FC and police have heavy deployment on the spot at Faizabad. Security personnel have been provided niggers shells, while armored vehicles are also available at the spot. Regarding the possible operation against participants, the government is a high alert when the doctors, nursesaura para medical staff are canceled.

It is clear that the religious parties have kept the Faizabad interchange on 14 days, due to which citizens are facing anxiety. The Islamabad High Court gave up the deadline for 10 hours to finish the blast, saying that the government could order the Rangers to disperse protesters to dissolve. However, Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal had pushed the operation for 24 hours.