FIA testifies Parvez Musharraf Trail in special court

ISLAMABAD(9th July, 2014) : Additional Director of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and arraignment witness Khalid Rasool affirmed on Wednesday before a three-judge extraordinary court testing the conspiracy argument against previous president General (retd) Pervez Musharraf.

Rasool educated the court that the executive general of the FIA included him in the examination group on November 19, 2013, which was set up to ask points of interest of the crisis pronounced by the previous president on November 3, 2007.

He further included that he gathered reports from the Ministry of Law and Justice, bureau division, Printing Corporation of Pakistan and PTV and gave them over to the leader of the FIA examination group, Khalid Qureshi.

“I didn’t assume any viable part with the exception of giving over the archives to the examination group,” said Rasool.

The indictment witness will be interviewed by the safeguard legal advisor in the following hearing on August 5.

Throughout the hearing, defence attorneys argued to the court to summon Khalid Qureshi and Maqsood ul Hassan and also they were a piece of the examination group. Notwithstanding, Justice Faisal Arab, heading the exceptional court, said that a choice with respect to this will be taken after finish of the interrogation technique.

Defence Since the indictment has submitted very nearly all narrative confirmations against Musharraf, the degree is constrained for the protection group to create opposite narrative confirmation, lawful masters accept.

A part of the safeguard group told The Express Tribune that a long arrangement of “abettors” would be submitted under the watchful eye of the court after the round of questioning of indictment witnesses. He included that there is confirmation that Musharraf’s whole group, including the big bosses of the military, was ready for 2007 crisis standard.

Akram Sheik, the prosecutor, says that on the off chance that somebody approaches the court and records their announcement of being included in the case, they could be dealt with as an abettor. Sheik further said that narrative proofs are just accessible against Musharraf.

“Just court or indictment can pronounce somebody an abettor and it is an abnormality of protection group to consider witnesses as abettors,” Khalid Azeem, a senior legitimate journalist. He included that nobody would set out approach and record their announcement.

“It is not difficult to secure that there is work force ill will between Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and the charged (Musharraf),” said a guard legal counselor. He included that this is an unadulterated political case and it just could be won by political means.

The legal advisor additionally said that a joint examination group of the FIA was not offered consent to see authority records in the General Headquarters (GHQ). They even neglected to record articulations of top armed force authorities who were included in the crisis, he included.

The protection group is additionally equipping its case, contending that in its available structure, Article Six of the Constitution is not appropriate for this treachery case.