Geo TV Blasphemy Attempt in Utho Jago Pakistan

Geo News has crossed its all cutoff points by endeavoring a demonstration of Blasphemy of Hazrat Ali (R.a) and Hazrat Fatima (R.a) in its morning show have by ‘Shaista Wahidi’ named as Utho Jago Pakistan GEO TV.

Shaista Lodhi’s Morning Show is Gravely Criticized by All Religious and Sufi Groups in Pakistan because they sang Manabqat on Veena Malik Wedding Reenactment Ceremony. This Serious Issue was Raised by Mubashar Luqman on Ary New Kharra Sach Program.

All Religious gatherings Condenmed This Henious Show which was played in Utho jago Pakistan. This Show was Condenmed by Mazhar Abbas rizvi, Allama Tahir Ashrafi, Sahibzada Hamid Raza, Ali Raza Bukhari.

All Religious pioneers Asked for Apology. Watch Full Episode Utho Jago Pakistan with Shaista Lodhi HD full Episode by Geo TV – fourteenth May 2014. After This Shaista Wahdi Apologize for Blasphemy endeavor in Morning Show throughout veena malik wedding week are you acknowledge her appologize.

The show is happened and crossed the lines and impediment and after this episode Geo TV administration and host of Show Shaista Lodhi pardoned generally to viewer.