Govt Employee Salaries will rise upto 12-20% in Budget 2014-2015

Money Minister of Pakistan Ishaq Dar has said that legislature is liable to raise pay rates of representatives by 10% in plan 2014-15 while conversing with media after a gathering of Economic Advisory Council.

As per sources Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif government is getting ready for increment in annuity and pay of representatives from 12% to 20%. Poor quality workers will get more rate and higher scale representatives will get less rate expand.

Old Pensioners will get most extreme build in annuity and new retired people will get less expand in benefits. As indicated by sources, Ishaq Dar advised to EAC that resistance recommended a build of 30%, then again it is not conceivable because of predominating monetary state of Pakistan.

Executive of Pakistan and Federal Cabinet will take definite choice keeping in view the swelling rate and torments of salaried class..