Govt has only 48 hour to decide | Tahir ul Qadri

Islamabad (25th Aug, 2014) : Pakistan Awami Tehreek chief Dr Tahir ul Qadri the government once again, saying that 48-hour ultimatum deadline passed, the system should be abolished assemblies wrapped tail Mast Qalandar otherwise would blast the evidence or the Shroud I will wear it or not wear Sharif shroud power.

And it’s not a great model by sea 12 days stayed patient, the revolution in the country as of March sit unprecedented. Pat the head of the poor, the rulers of the sea no importance, as the insects are poor, that the ruling did not sit down exhausted participants and include homes, but no one back until I’m sitting here will not.

Tahir said the current government was illegitimate and assemblies from the first day, consider illegal and unconstitutional, the EC itself was unconstitutional, it violates the Constitution, which were made by the political collusion, including the Supreme Court political parties also have the courage to speak, the Supreme Court made a political representative who was sitting on the Raiwind orders by the Constitution, but went elsewhere.

Said Dr unconstitutional under the EC and rigging elections had been unconstitutional if the elections were unconstitutional assemblies, governments, Prime Minister, Chief Ministers and other Ministers are also unconstitutional.

He said that Imran Khan was also noted that on May 11, after which they can mourn Imran Khan also admitted while Afzal Khan, former Additional Secretary Election Commission of rigging services confirmed by the declaration of the truth of our assemblies and governments no longer have any moral status, Imran Khan, I do not need to investigate irregularities because the representative of the EC itself uncover corrupt krbhandh is vandalism.

Tahir Sharif said ministers and assemblies break before my deadline to leave the houses sit here now durkuyy Legal ethics is not so. He demanded that the deadline before a judicial commission investigating the tragedy, Model Town, reported to be normal, J. IT reports and independent Members dissenting note to the general public know that the commission and J. iT is written on the tragedy, Model Town, Model Town incident before deadline fir cut nominees, including the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister to be arrested.

Said the head of the Pakistan movement in this country has no right to the poor and oppressed, two months after the tragedy, the model could not enter the town fir, courts are helpless before the powerful rulers, public burial shroud, and now there is no truth, no institution can not hear the voice of the oppressed, I have been the intention of the testimony here today if kurmura yearning desire to be a martyr.

They argued that the government has shattered the dreams of Quaid, whose country was nothing left except those being buried, the law of the land, the Constitution and democracy, not for the weak for the strong we will fight this war until the last minute or so, only two are likely to wear the shroud or coffin wearing Nawaz Sharif to power.

Qadri said he will put the system impoverished the shroud will succeed, if this power is saved and then I’ll wear the shroud would be martyrs cemetery, Nawaz Sharif, the system including a 48-hour ultimatum to give the system governments rolled over in bed and go home, or blast Mast Qalandar tail and anything after the deadline will not be my responsibility has now entered the final phase of the revolution, the people sitting at home not with tyranny for the end of March, join the revolution, the government created the hit man would not be martyred in the public system oppresses generations would decline.