Only 4 Pakistani Universities listed in world’s top Education Institutes

KARACHI (Thursday, September 7, 2017): The fall of higher education in Pakistan has been imposed internationally, and the International Institute of Times hydration has removed 3 Pakistanis from one of the notable universities in its recent rating regarding daily universities, last year’s status There were 7 Pakistani universities included in the rankings of 1,000 rows, but in the latest rankings, only 4 Indian universities have been included in one of the leading universities of 188 public universities in which no university in Sindh is included. The topic of Only 4 Pakistani Universities listed in world’s top Education Institutes is most interesting showing that what is education level of Quality in Pakistan.

The names of three Pakistani universities whose names have been removed on the recent date of American Education Times, include Bahawal-ud-din Zakia University, Multan, University of Lahore and Karachi, and excludes 1,000 universities of Karachi’s top ranked universities.

The only University of Sindh has got out of this classification, while 4 universities have been included in this category, in which Qayyum University has significantly improved its previous position in 500 best universities, while the Comics University Institute Tutor of Information Technology and National University Science and Technology have been included in 601 to 800 and the category of Agricultural University Faisalabad 801. The Top 1000 Universities in the World. Best  2017 World University Ranking in Pakistan complete list.

It is believed that during the last year’s Education Reporting Report, 601 to 800, Zoological Institute of Information Technology, National University of Science and Technology and the University of Economy and the University of Economy were included in the University of Agricultural University Faisalabad, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, , According to the status of the Class Education degree in Karachi, Karachi, and University of Lahore, was ranked at the time of Times Education this year, according to the status of this year’s 1st edition of the world, 30 of India, Saudi Arabia 5, Malaysia 8, China 60, Japan 71, Iran’s 14, Turkey’s 16 and 27 universities of North Korea Ltd.