New Revised Pay Scale Chart in Budget 2015-2016

New Revised Pay Scale Chart in Budget 2015-2016 for Govt employee. New Revised Budget 2015–16 Pay Scale Detail Chart Federal Minister of Finance Ishaq Dar will introduce the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s third spending plan in the parliament on Friday.

New Revised Pay Scale Budget 2015–16, Finance Division regulation Wing is planning proposed pay Scale Revision table for 2015. Still part od inquiries are unanswered about spending plan declaration. Today Finance Minister Muhammad Ishaq Dar hold a post spending plan public interview. He addressed numerous inquiry of writers.

On the off chance that the proposed 7.5 percent adhoc relief allowance will be actualized after the amendment of fundamental pay, then its favorable position will be more. Still it is being requested by different political gathering pioneers, that specially appointed alleviation recompense (ARA) ought to be least 15%. Administrator PTI Mr. Imran Khan has requested 15 percent expansion in compensation of government representatives.

Government Servants in Pakistan.Govt Employees’ Salaries Increase in Budget 2015-2016.It methods the said security watchman is doing 4 hours day by day additional obligation which comes equivalent to 15 days + 4 rests of one month. In this way, for the work of 30+15+4=49 days, he is getting Rs.12,000. Grade 1 to 21 Pay Scale Chart download. 

New Revised Grade 1 to 21 Pay Scale Chart Budget 2015–16