Pakistani Squash Champian Hashim Khan dies

Proud of Pakistan and former world champion Hashim Khan Squash over a hundred years old, died in Washington, Hashim Khan PU nineteen hundred nineteen fifty seven times British Open title to his name.

the greatest athletes in very good person either is deducted Hashim Khan near Peshawar July nineteen hundred and fourteen, his father was born in Nawa Kalay Abdullah styurd Royal British Army and the British when the squash ball, towel handle and tie their shoelaces in their duties Abdullah was, to perform these duties squash coach and trained sons.

 his two sons were playing squash Hashim Khan and Azam Khan, nineteen hundred and fifty one great Hashim Khan in Peshawar National squash championship held in their families and sent to the UK to take part in the British Open, won the British Open for the first time,

where Hashim Khan Hashim Khan continued until nineteen hundred and fifty-six had won the British Open six times, nineteen hundred and fifty-three times he, fifty-five and fifty-six beat his brother Azam Khan won the title.

nineteen hundred and fifty-seven of his cousin Roshan Khan defeated the British Open in his unbeaten record better than being stopped, nineteen hundred PU Hashim Khan.