Prize Bond 7500 and 25000 Draw on 4th May 2015

National Savings of Pakistan will declare Prize Bond Draw 7500 & 25000 on Monday 4th May 2015. We will overhaul result when it is pronounced by National Savings of Pakistan.

National saving Prize Bond 7500 and 25000 Draw on 4-5-2015

The historical backdrop of National Savings Organization goes back to the year 1873 when the Government Savings Bank Act, 1873 was promulgated.

During the first world war, the British Government presented a few Schemes for accumulation of trusts to meet the use. It was in this setting that the Post Office Cash Certificates and, amid the second world war, Post Office Defense Savings Certificates were drifted.

Till December, 1971, the National Savings Organization worked as a Publicity association and its exercises were just special in nature. However, in mid 1972, the extent of its exercises was expanded as the Central Directorate began offering II-Rupee Prize Bonds, and therefore occupied with the operations of different reserve funds plans.

DRAW OF Rs.25, 000/ -PRIZE BOND HELD AT/ -Draw No.: 13th Series: COMMON DRAW Date: 04/05/2015.DRAW OF Rs.7, 500/ -PRIZE BOND HELD AT/ -KARACHI Draw No.: 62ndSeries : COMMON DRAW Date : 04/05/2015 This brought about impressive extension of the National Savings Organization. These approved operators were in those days the main office for securing interest regarding Savings Certificates from the overall population.

In nutshell the focal office viz. National Savings Bureau, Simla, was principally concerned with the arrangement and arranging matters of the Savings Schemes while the obligation of execution of different Savings Schemes vested with Provincial powers . Prize Bond 7500 and 25000 Draw on 4th May 2015 result will be uploaded very soon….

Prize bond 7500 Draw Result

Prize bond 25000 Draw Result


Prize Bond Results Will Be Uploaded Very Soon