Prize Bond Draw schedule 2019

I am sharing the Prize Bond Draw schedule 2019 for you to set the whole year plan for Rs. 100, Rs. 200, Rs. 750, Rs. 1500, Rs. 7500, Rs. 15000, Rs. 25000 and Rs. 40000 when and on what date you can check your prize bond according to dates and cities. The Central Directorate of National Savings of Pakistan is declared the Pakistan National Savings Prize Bond Draw Schedule from January to December 2019. Presently You can download the content and authority plan download.Prize bond Draw schedule 2017

The historical backdrop of National Savings Organization goes back to the year 1873 when the Government Savings Bank Act, 1873 was proclaimed. Amid the principal world war, the British Government presented a few Schemes for gathering of assets to meet the use.

 It was in this setting the Post Office Cash Certificates and, amid the second world war, Post Office Prizebond Savings Certificates were drifted. The need to setup a different organization was felt and a National Savings Bureau was set up in 1943-44 as an appended division of the Ministry of Finance of the unified Government of India.

The office was going by National Savings Commissioner with the status of a Joint Secretary. Around then the principle elements of the Savings Department were to start all arrangement matters and issue mandates for the execution of approach choices of the Central Government, and to audit the Savings Schemes every once in a while.  See the Prize Bond Draw schedule 2019 here. 

New 2019 here for all prize bonds…

National Savings of Pakistan Prize Bond Draw List schedule 2019 Download

S.NOBondDraw #DateDayCity
1Rs. 1500073Tue02-January-2018Muzaffarabad
2Rs. 75073Mon15-January-2018Lahore
3Rs. 2500024Thu01-February-2018Quetta
4Rs. 750073Thu01-February-2018Peshawar
5Rs. 150073Thu15-February-2018Karachi
6Rs. 10021Thu15-February-2018Multan
7Rs. 4000073Thu01-March-2018Lahore
8Rs. 4000004Mon12-March-2018Hyderabad
9Rs. 20073Thu15-March-2018Faisalabad
10Rs. 1500074Mon02-April-2018Multan
11Rs. 75074Mon16-April-2018Rawalpindi
12Rs. 750074Wed02-May-2018Hyderabad
13Rs. 2500025Wed02-May-2018Faisalabad
14Rs. 150074Tue15-May-2018Multan
15Rs. 10022Tue15-May-2018Karachi
16Rs. 4000074Fri01-June-2018Peshawar
17Rs. 4000005Mon11-June-2018Rawalpindi
18Rs. 20074Tue19-June-2018Muzaffarabad
19Rs. 1500075Tue03-July-2018Lahore
20Rs. 75075Mon16-July-2018Faisalabad
21Rs. 750075Wed01-August-2018Quetta
22Rs. 2500026Wed01-August-2018Rawalpindi
23Rs. 150075Wed15-August-2018Karachi
24Rs. 10023Wed15-August-2018Muzaffarabad
25Rs. 4000075Mon03-September-2018Multan
26Rs. 4000006Mon10-September-2018Lahore
27Rs. 20075Mon17-September-2018Hyderabad
28Rs. 1500076Mon01-October-2018Peshawar
29Rs. 75076Mon15-October-2018Lahore
30Rs. 2500027Thu01-November-2018Karachi
31Rs. 750076Thu01-November-2018Rawalpindi
32Rs. 10024Thu15-November-2018Multan
33Rs. 150076Thu15-November-2018Faisalabad
34Rs. 4000076Mon03-December-2018Quetta
35Rs. 4000007Mon10-December-2018Karachi
36Rs. 20076Mon17-December-2018Hyderabad