PTA Temporarily Blocked For a limited time in Pakistan

Lahore(March 23, 2015):In a profoundly faulty move, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has banned in Pakistan, on Sunday. is the biggest site facilitating site on the planet with a large number of clients.

It’s the most widely recognized stage utilized by Pakistani bloggers. No reason has been refered to by PTA for the Ban on and its representative was additionally not accessible for input when approached by The some sources.

The fun tv web  is facilitated on, sister site of, that is the reason it has not been influenced by the obstructing of in Pakistan.

The site likewise reports the boycott may be lifted in next two days The blocking is of just and does not appear to apply on the self-facilitated sites controlled by WordPress. has a great many websites from over the world and has a tremendous client base in Pakistan.

It is seen as a medium that offers voice to bloggers and subject/new media writers to have their say on the web.

As indicated by sources, the boycott has been forced because of March 23 national parade in the capital of Pakistan as discernment offices accept that terrorists are utilizing wordpress sites, twitter accounts and facebooks for passing on to one another as specialized devices.

There are potential outcomes of banning twitter and facebook activity for a few hours on March 23.