Umer Akmal with Noor Amna Mehndi Wedding Barat Pictures Photos

Umar Akmal tied knot with the daughter of former test cricketer Abdul Qadir’s female offspring Noor Amna. The Nikkah ceremony passed off earlier this month. While reproval media Umar Akmal aforementioned it absolutely was the foremost unforgettable day of his life and that they ar attending to begin their life by playacting Umrah rather than honeymoon.

The Mehndi event passed off on Apr fifteen 2014 and Umar Akmal Mehndi. Pakistani right-handed slugger and cricketer Umar Akmal is married with former leg spinner Abdul Qadir’s female offspring Noor Amna. His elder brothers Adnan Akmal and Kamran Akmal looked terribly happy whereas carryingtraditional shalwar kameez dress.

Whereas the groom created sherwani of Rs. 6 lac for his barat/wedding day. Nikkah Ceremony was organized on twelfth Apr 2014. All members of the family of Umar Akmal and her married person were gift during this ceremony. Former jock Abdul Qadir’s female offspring Amina has become married person of Umar Akmal.

As you recognize that this is often an prepare wedding by each members of the family.Umer Akmal jock exposure, Walima pictures, on-line watch umar akmal wedding pictures, free downlaod umar Akmal khan wedding footage.Umar Akmal were met with Noor Amna in his elder brother’s Mariage and he has lost his heart in his love and mind when seeing the attractive Noor Amna. Umer Akmal wedding And Noor Amnaexposure, Walima pictures. Here some picture of Umer Akmal wedding…