What does Rohingya’s enemy want with Buddhist Ashes?

The Rohingya crisis of Myanmar (formerly named Burma) is increasing again. Burma’s neighbors’ status of Rohingya refugees is also different. On one hand, where India has closed its doors for Rohingya Muslims who left the path from Myanmar, Bangladesh has offered them shelter.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a visit to Myanmar and it is understood that this issue can be discussed between the two countries.

Who are you?

Among them, Myanmar’s radical Buddhist monarch, Ashes, is again in headlines due to ongoing violence against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.
According to news reports, protesters were protesting in Rohingya crisis outside Indonesia’s Embassy in Indonesia.
There were banners in the hands of protesters outside the embassy, ​​which was written as ‘extremist’ with the image of Ashin Wahath.
Myanmar’s radical Buddhist monarch, Ashin Wahath, is known for his intense speeches, and is accused of making an environment against Muslim minorities from his speeches.
In January 2015, Ashin Wahth took UN special envoy Yang Lee in Myanmar’s annoying rally by saying ‘Bitch’ and ‘Prostitutes’.

Homemade assay in conflicts

A decade ago, a lot of people heard about this Buddhist monk.
Born in 1968, Ashen Wahth left the school at the age of 14, and took her life.
The people returned again when they joined the nationalist and anti-Muslim faction ‘969’ in 2001. This organization is considered fundamentalist in Myanmar, but its supporters refuse to accuse them.
He was sentenced to 25 years in prison in 2003, but in 2010 he was released with other political prisoners.

Active on social media

As Myanmar’s government softened the rules, they became more active on social media.
They started advertising their message through YouTube and Facebook. Currently there are over 45,000 followers on Facebook.
In 2012, when violence broke out between Rohingya Muslims and Buddhist followers in the province of Rakhine, they left behind many Buddhists’ hearts due to the extravagant speeches.

Do everything as nationalist

Their conversation starts in a special way: ‘Whatever you do, do as a nationalist. These speeches are broadcast online and their specialty is widely distributed.
When asked if he was ‘Myanmar’s Bin Laden’, he said he would not deny it.
In some reports they were told to work for peace.

What do you want to say?

The Times Magazine coincided with the issue of July 2013, “The Buddhist Terror Face?” ‘
Their speeches are a Muslim community, especially Rohingya.
He also led the rallies that demanded Rohhya Muslims to be sent to a third country.
They are responsible for the attacks of Muslims. He also claims that for the women Buddhist women are being forced to change religion.

Acceptable General

The Buddhist women have also been led to a ban on the right to ban the people of other religions without government permission.
It is very difficult to say that they have the support of community members of Myanmar Buddhist monks. There are also voices against them.
Many people fear that the widows are emerging as the face of Myanmar’s Buddhist community in front of the outside world.
Many people believe that the government is tolerating the welfare because they are sounding popular ideas in the public, especially for the Rohingya Muslims, about which they are nothing but political reasons. Can say
Ministry of Religious Affairs says that they can not take action against the widow until they get the complaint.
The widow is also known for his female anti-ideas. They were accused of advocating the law of women’s marriage, which was being told to be an oppressor of women.